Friday, November 9, 2007

Paper vs. Electronic Newspaper Survey

a. U.S. applauds Pakistan's election plan.
U.S. keeping Iran tactical plans current, but no arms buildup yet.
b. I think the print version was definitly easier for me to read because with the computer I had to squint because of the computer light and reading so much on the screen is just annoying.

a. U.S. applauds Pakistan's election plan.
Vince Vaughn's gift of gab brings cheer.
LBJ Library missing eight items.
b. The online version was easier to scan through because you didn't have to turn the pages or pull out section; you would just press the next/previous button.
c. I would rate them as being fair because I made do with everything that the tool bar included but I didn't like the fact that you could only enter one search word at a time and you couldn't search by page numbers.

a. Mark Matson: C1
Larry Kolvoord: B1
Matt Rourke: D1
b. The photos in the print version are definitly better because they're very clear and the online version is more blurry and grainy.

a. The print version was easier to find because for the search box, you could only enter in one word search word at a time and you would end up getting many different results.

I would much rather work with and read the print version of the newspaper because, overall, the print is much better in most fundamentals of the newspaper than the online version. With the online version, when you press the scroll bar, it takes a while for the page to go down. The words and all of the pictures are also a little bit grainy in the online version. With the online version, the most pages I could view at a time was 2, while with the paper version, I could view as many as I wanted. For me, a paper newspaper is also much more enjoyabe to read rather than a high-tech online version.

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