Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is a caricature of Pete Townshed from Kris's blog. His nose is extremely exagerated, and it takes up his whole entire face. His body is really small and his face, especially his nose, is humungous.

This is a caricature of the beatles. The part which is exagerated is their legs Their legs are made to look really long and skinny, like sticks. We get the effect that most of them were tall and really, really skinny.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Current Events - January 30, 2008

Date - Janurary 30, 2008
Headline - Winter storms in China strand holiday travelers
Question - What major accident occured in China once the blizzards began?

Date - January 29, 2008
Headline - Hawaii sets U.S. pace for alternative energy
Question - What are economic leaders trying to turn into fossil fuel from it's original state?

Date - January 29, 2008
Headline - Warrant out for U.S. Marine
Question - Why did Mexican police arrest the U.S. marine?

Political Cartoon Symbols

The symbols are the american flag, the republican elephant and the democratic donkey. It's saying that there are 2 americas: one a democratic and one a republican.

The symbol in this cartoon is uncle sam, who represents the u.s. government. The u.s. government is loaning a lot of money to japan, who seems to not really need that much.

The symbol in this cartoon is the statue of liberty which stands for liberty. She is crying which means liberty is failing in america.

The symbol in this cartoon is the republican elephant saying that the republicans are planning to stay in iraq longer than expected, when instead they wanted to do it with tax cuts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

  1. A date other than today
  2. The high temperature in a major city
  3. A woman’s face
  4. A country outside the U.S.A
  5. A city within 100 miles of here
  6. A vehicle other than a car
  7. A movie that starts between 7:00 and 9:00 PM
  8. A word with at least three syllables
  9. The name of a TV show that ends at 9:00 PM
  10. A politician
  11. An example of good news
  12. Something that makes you smile

  1. Page A1 - "Brokeback" star Ledger was found dead yesterday, Jan. 22, 2008.
  2. Page B8 - The high temperature in Miami, Florida is 80 degrees.
  3. Page B5 - A woman whose picture is shown is Betty Jo Basham Longest.
  4. Page A3 - Israel is a country outside of U.S.A. who is providing fuel to Gaza.
  5. Page A1 - Bastrop corruption case yields guilty pleas.
  6. Page F2 - A 2003 Ford 150 XL truck has a pricetag of $6,900.
  7. Page E9 - "The Devil wears Prada" movie starts on HBO2 at 8:30 PM.
  8. Page B7 - The word "computer" under Fry's Electronics.
  9. Page E9 - "The moment of truth" ends at 9:00 on the Fox Channel.
  10. Page A4 - Politicain Obama is fighting against both of the Clintons.
  11. Page C1 - Basketball player Daniel Gibson is even better in his 2nd NBA season.
  12. Page E6 - I thought the cartoon "B.C." was really funny.