Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

  1. A date other than today
  2. The high temperature in a major city
  3. A woman’s face
  4. A country outside the U.S.A
  5. A city within 100 miles of here
  6. A vehicle other than a car
  7. A movie that starts between 7:00 and 9:00 PM
  8. A word with at least three syllables
  9. The name of a TV show that ends at 9:00 PM
  10. A politician
  11. An example of good news
  12. Something that makes you smile

  1. Page A1 - "Brokeback" star Ledger was found dead yesterday, Jan. 22, 2008.
  2. Page B8 - The high temperature in Miami, Florida is 80 degrees.
  3. Page B5 - A woman whose picture is shown is Betty Jo Basham Longest.
  4. Page A3 - Israel is a country outside of U.S.A. who is providing fuel to Gaza.
  5. Page A1 - Bastrop corruption case yields guilty pleas.
  6. Page F2 - A 2003 Ford 150 XL truck has a pricetag of $6,900.
  7. Page E9 - "The Devil wears Prada" movie starts on HBO2 at 8:30 PM.
  8. Page B7 - The word "computer" under Fry's Electronics.
  9. Page E9 - "The moment of truth" ends at 9:00 on the Fox Channel.
  10. Page A4 - Politicain Obama is fighting against both of the Clintons.
  11. Page C1 - Basketball player Daniel Gibson is even better in his 2nd NBA season.
  12. Page E6 - I thought the cartoon "B.C." was really funny.

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