Friday, April 25, 2008

Statesman Feature Critique

  1. Hooray for Bollywood
  2. November 30, 2007
  3. The writer was trying to get the reader to understand the difference between the way Indian's and American's dress. He also wanted the reader to get a feel of how different the environment is in India than America. The writer achieved this by comparing himself, an American, and describing how he was dressed and looking like and feeling, and then comparing it to the rest of the Indian's standing next to him, which shows the differences.
  4. Who: Chris Garcia
    What: Indian Cinema
    When: November 9, 2007
    Where: Mumbai, India
    Why: Chris went to India to experience the movie cinema experience there and to see how cinema works in India and how different it is from America. Also went to see 2 movies that have just recently been released and are both very popular.
    How: He traveled to the India and went to the cinema and watched 2-3 movies there. He also kept a travel diary, in which he recorded all of his experiences, and compared them to American cinema.
  5. a)It's early November and a box office war of Bollywood titans has commenced on the subcontinent.
    b)...luxurious visuals, fabulously frilly song and dance numbers, blushingly broad comedy and sudsy melodrama, buckets of glycerin tears, miles of jangling bangles and jiggling bellies, all barely contained in nearly three-hour running times...
  6. This story affected me because it reminded me of India because I havn't been there in a while and it made me miss it. It also made me imagine about being in the theater in India and what it feels like and it felt a lot like I was also experiencing also what Chris experienced. It was also good in making people realize that in different countries, the movie experience is different.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Statesman News Critique

  1. Clinton wins latest vote
  2. April 23, 2008
  3. Who: New York Senator Hillary Clinton. What: Took a solid and crucial win over Illinois Senator Barack Obama. When: Tuesday. Where: The Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential primary in Philadelphia. Why: Wasn't mentioned in the lead. How: By extending the race at least 2 more weeks and keeping alive her uphill battle to capture the nomination.
  4. The newsworthy elements included in this article are timeliness and impact. They are included in the lead and the whole entire of the body of the paragraph. This makes the story important/interesting because the new president will affect everyone living in the country and it is happening right now. These things are also important to know so you know what the canditate stands for and who to vote for.
  5. "We can only keep winning if we can keep competing with an oppenent who outspends us so massivly," said New York senator Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Video Assignment

1. Eyesight Affects Grades

Folic Acid

Breakfast Reduces Obesity

Unpopular Girls Gain Weight?

ADHD and Drug Abuse

2. I liked the video Folic Acid the best.

3. This video is talking about how many babies are born premature each year, some so small that a wedding ring can fit onto their wrist. Research has shown that many of the premature births can be prevented by the pregnant women consuming folic acid, preferably during the first 28 days of pregnancy or even everyday. Premature babies may be born with problems, including not being able to open clenched fists.

4. The total shots in this video were 17.

5. Talking Head Shots: 5

6. Total Voice Over Shots: 12

7. Titles and Graphics are used in this video 5 times. All of the titles and graphics worked well for the movie.

8. Pan:0

I liked this video because it was very informative and interesting to know some of the things that they told us about. It also related to me because I have a lot of relatives who have experienced that same thing as the woman in the video. I also thought it was interesting that Folic Acid could prevent this type of thing.