Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Schedule SPECS

S Periods 1-6 alternates on 1.5 hour blocks. Periods 7-8 meet everyday for 45 minutes.

P It's a bad idea: people not having athletics for 7 or 8 period will not benefit; class will go too fast for 7 and 8 periods; more tardies; teachers will have to adjust lesson plans big time.

E The idea came up during a meeting.

C Therefore, teachers will have to change lessonplans, students adjust to a new schedule and increased possible tardies. In 7 and * periods, you won't have much to time to do anything.

S I suggest we just stick with the current schedule for once!!!!!!!! aaaagh! Coaches who want to have athletics 7 or 8 period on this new schedule so they can have more time with their athletes should just extend practice time or switch all athletics to 7 or 8 period on normal block schedule. We should convince the principal or whoever is in charge of this that this schedule is 100% unnessessary and pointless.

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