Friday, September 14, 2007

Sarah's Hope

1. One of the most moving parts of the story for me was when it's graduation night and senior Cicely Bledsoe is giving a speech, as follows: "Class of 2000, I challenge you to continue your education. And when you are faced with those negative sterotypes that society has tagged on you, or when you are surrounded by those people who are saying you shouldn't, youwouldn't and youcouldn't, lift your head to the sky, and fierceully, unfearfully and forcefully say without a shadow of a doube, 'Yes, I am somebody.' Sarah wanted those words to be true. But she knows from her own life how hard it can be." This part was very moving and emotional because she decided it's the end of all the misery and time to move on, after all she's been through. The speech is also very compelling.

2. There was also a part where I could imagine the moment so vividly, as if I were standing right there. "Sarah, 15, and her younger brothers huddle like campers around a kersene hearter in the center of their living room. To keep out the cold, Sarah has nailed a sheet over the room's only entryway. The room feels warm, but it's heavy with darkness. A wavering lighe shines from the heater's red flame. A few flickering candles cast large shadows against the walls. Lying on the couch, Sarah reads by flashlight." This is such a vivid scene, and you can really understand what Sarah and her brothers are going through. It has wonderful details.

3. "No way. It's too unbelievable. It can't be right. Sarah Clark, 14, holds the check in her hand. Look agian, her mother says. It's got to be a mistake. Check the name. But there it is, printer in black ink."

4. "I see myself having my own law firm," she says, "and a great house and a perfect family. And I want two kids, maybe three. But I want twins, identical twin girls. i see little redheads playing in the park and having fun. The house, my house, is in the country, with horses and stables and lots of land, lots of trees, lots of space."


Kris said...

I agree with you about the graduation quote. It is a very moving moment in the story, and a bit disappointing that it ends there.

chicl3tt said...

I agree a lot with the 2nd answer. I can imagine it and feel as if that happened to me or something. Imagine trying to keep warm like that, struggling with no electricity and

JuAnA said...

I agree whit you on the 3rd question is really does create suspense!!!! :-)

lilsanti888 said...

i agree with you on all three...

i really do..


i do.. oh yeah.. fashizzle.. i do

Amber said...

Yea #1 that really was interesting. Good job! =]