Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Newspaper Feedback

According to Martin : Senioritis, everyone's got it: by Martin Riley

The lead was a lot of fun to read, and it I could really feel what was going through your mind about this "senioritis". I like how you are really describing why it was so anticipated for you and, at the end of the paragraph, you are actually questioning that anticipation. Pretty descriptive thoughts as well.
"I have been waiting for this year for as long as I can remember: the freedom, the power, the ever-hastening approach to graduation. The senioritis." This is a pretty good quote because you speak your mind clearly and I like the word diction "senioritis".
I like the diction in this story and looked like it was pretty thought out. It was entertaining to read. Even though being a freshmen, I agree with you saying a lot of underclassmen having this senioritis.
I couldn't really find anything wrong with this article, pretty good.

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