Friday, October 12, 2007

Next fall, the School Board will be enforcing a new rule stating that all students, including seniors and athletes, must complete two semesters of physical education in order to graduate.

The rule was passed based on a national survey done among teens, stating that teens are turning obese and into "couch potatoes."

"Obesity has become a national embarrassment. Students must learn how to take care of themselves or they won't be around long enough to use the mental education we are giving them," Principal Carl Lewis said.

Students wanting to be exempt will be denied, no matter what the reason is.

"Any doctor who asks for a waiver must come up with an alternative program that will guarantee the student have a physical conditioning program. We are not going to allow easy waivers like has been done in the past," School Board President Arnold Schlister said.

Some disagree and think that this rule is not fair for athletes.

"My kids get a good workout everyday. Football should be exempt. They can't give 100 percent on the football field if they're going to have to take part in this physical education class. That might wear them out,"Head football coach Barry Switzerland said.

Students are also complaining about this requirement.

"This is going to be hard. I've been working three years to graduate next year and now I may have to take summer classes..I think it's unfair to ask those of us who weren't expecting it," Junior Becky Gordon said.

However, there are those who agree with the requirement.

"The school board should be applauded for the stance they are taking," Principal Carl Lewis said.

The board has also modified the new physical education course.

"Tests will include running or walking a mile in less than 12 minutes; complete 25 sit-ups; 10 push-ups and successfully negotiate an abstacle course in 15 minutes or less. They will also have to pass a written test on different sports," P.E teacher Shawna Washington said.


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