Friday, September 10, 2010

Improving our publication


"Newspapers should mirror the racial, cultural, religious, economic, lifestyle and ethnic diversity of their communities . . . Newspapers need to give all residents a public voice. What's more, newspaper staffs should mirror the diversity of their communities."

We can improve this year on this area by interviewing a broad range of students and faculty for our articles instead of just interviewing our friends or our teachers. Instead of a senior staff reporter just interviewing his/her senior friends and teachers, he/she should interview freshmen, sophomores, juniors, & seniors that they may not know, as well as teachers that they've never had. In the entertainment section, instead of just writing about one genre of music/movies that only appeals to a certain group of people, it should reflect a wide range of music/movie choices. Same thing goes for all sections of the paper: we should try to not write about something that only interests the staff, but something that interests everyone in the school. We could also interview students who come from really interesting backgrounds, religions, cultures, or special circumstances. These things will help represent the diversity of Akins.



"Newspapers need to establish consistent, two-way communication with readers and the community at large. This includes involving residents in the reporting of information and the dissemination of information using new and emerging technology. Two-way communication between residents and readers can break down the image of the arrogant newspaper and help to establish newspapers as a 'member of the family' in their communities."

To make the readers interact with the paper, we should really advocate the fact that readers can write letters to the editor, and at the end of each article, we can maybe put the writer's professional email address or put a small note encouraging them to write a letter to the paper, reminding them that they can stay anonymous. We can also put small contests/competitions somewhere in the paper for the readers. We can really advocate our facebook group for the entire school, and post breaking headlines/important info for everyone, which will also foster interaction.

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