Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Exam Project Part 2

Section 2

  1. 'Billy started skipping classes in middle school. He recalls sharing a joint with friends as he strolled around Fulmore Middle School. By seventh grade, he'd miss school for weeks at a time. When he missed enough school, he'd get suspended. By the time he returned, he'd fallen further behind, making him feel lost, leading to more absences.' These words have an effect on me as a reader because it shows me Billy's past and the things that he did. It tells that even at a young age, he was getting in trouble, doing drugs, skipping school, etc. It makes me realize that he's been making some bad decisions and acting on them in the past from a young age, and it's going to take some work to get him back up on the right track. It also shows me that one bad thing that he's done keeps on leading to another and another, and his situation starts to seem impossible. The writer achieved this effect by writing it in a way in which one thing leads to another, and it shows it in a kind of cause and effect way. He also says that Billy is recalling all of this, which shows that the writer isn't exagerating/making any of this up, but paraphrasing it from Billy's own words, which gives it more meaning and a personal touch. He also doesn't say that Billy's falling behind in school, but gives the reasons as to why he is.

  2. 'She tries to interest Chip in school — but since September, she estimates he's attended only two months' worth of classes.' This delayed lead has an effect on me as a reader by showing me the mom's desperation to get her son interested in going to school, but her son doesn't care. It shows me both the mom's and her son's attitude about going to school. It made me feel a little sorry for both the mom and the son: the mom's trying to get her child intersted in going to school but he won't, and sorry/pity for the son b/c he's really making a bad choice by not going to school and it's going to hurt him a lot in the future. It made me think that if Chip doesn't start going to school regularly, then he might end up in the same situation that Billy's in.

  3. 'She's dressed up for her son's homecoming: a long-sleeve black shirt instead of her usual baggy T-shirt, light green slacks and dark lipstick. Her black hair, normally worn loose, is styled sleek and smooth against her head.' Then- Explain why you think the writer included that language. What effect was he trying to have on the reader? This is an example of imagery. The writer included this strong imagery to vividly describe what the mom is looking/dressed up like for her son's homecoming. I could really picture the mom dressed up like this, and the way that the writer describes the mom when she is casual and wearing everyday clothes, and the way she's dressed now implies that Billy coming home is really special for her and a special occasion, and I could understand what she might have been feeling at the moment, which is the effect that the writer was trying to have on the reader.

Section 3 - Headlines

Struggling on parole
Adjusting to life at home and as an adult, Billy tries to fulfill the items on an ambitious to-do list.

  1. Main Verb: Struggling (Primary Headline)

  2. Grammatical Subject: Parole (Primary Headline)

  3. I chose this headline as a good examples because a) it has both a primary & secondary healine. b) it has a subject and a verb in both headlines. c) the primary headline grabs your attention and the secondary headline gives information about the story and leads the reader into the story. d) there aren't any unnecessary words and gets the point across. e) verbs/nouns aren't passive/weak but active & strong.

Section 4 - Photojournalism

Billy Byers takes an automotive class while serving time at the Texas Youth Commission's Crockett State School in June.

Who: Billy Byers

What: Billy takes an automotive class

When: June

Where: Texas Youth Commission's Crockett State School.

Why: n/a

How: n/a

This photo meets the requirements of good photojournalism because it's candid. The photo frame is filled with interesting visual elements, such as a close-up of Billy himself and him holding a cloth in his hands making sort of a praying thing with his hands. You can also see his tatoo and his facial expression, and all of these elements show what Billy's personality is like. The photo is at a peak of emotion & you can tell that by Billy's facial expression, how he's kind of bowing down and the position of his hands. The photo also tells a story about what Billy's going through & how he's kind of struggling and he looks a bit overwhelmed/overworked. The photo has a good caption and informs the reader well about what's going on in the picture, including most of the 5 W's.

The photo adds a lot to the story, such as showing Billy's true personality and hard-working character, and you can also see that he looks a little overwhelmed/overworked. It can also show that he's going through a tough time and looking like he's a little desperate since he has his hands together. It makes my understanding of the story better becuase it shows Billy's true self and you can really sense his personality in this picture. It makes my understanding of the story better becuase now I really know who I'm reading about in the story, Billy, and I think I can understand more where he's coming from and know what his personality is and I think it relates to the story and the photo itself tells a story.

Section 5 - Design

I think that there are pros and cons to both the web version and the printed version. Web Version: On the web version of Billy's World, you can see more pictures, videos, slideshows, and get more information about the idea behing the story. There are galleries that you can see really good photos in, and a comments section where you can see what other people had to think about the story. What I don't like about the web version of Billy's World is that you have to read off of the computer and it's not really in a specific layout, they just typed it all in there. Printed Version: On the printed version, the layout is more specific and better planned out, and it's more convenient to just read the newspaper in your hands than to squint at the computer & read. What I don't like about the printed version is that there aren't as many pictures/galleries or slideshows & videos as in the web version. For me, the printed version layout is easier to read.

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